AMOKSHH is a multi-purpose brand co-founded by sisters-in-law Sapna Patel and Urvi Patel in 2021. It is a one-stop-shop for all your ethnic needs offering high-quality, exquisite and 100% hand-picked traditional apparel for women of all ages. We are also specialized in organic health supplements and electronic gadgets.

Why Us ?

  • 100% Hand Picked
  • Trend-Setting
  • Authentic Style
  • Personalization
  • Assured Quality
  • Affordable Prices
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


We founded Amokshh with a desire in our souls and undying attitude of determination to show that women can also make their own bold decisions, be independent, and still manage a successful business that empowers others to succeed on their own in the world without being intimidated by anyone. They are convinced that if it was possible for them, it is doable for anyone with a little determination.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage everyday women by providing them the confidence to face and overcome to their daily obstacles and rice above them.

By pouring all of our hearts and passion into each of the products we sell, we are continuously working to deliver our customers with the look they truly adore.



Dedicated Quality Service

You receive what you see here

We really care about you and your purchase as much as you do. Purchasing product here gives you 100% quality assurance. The product is sent as per the same specification described in product description.

Easy Returns

Chargeable a bit

With Amokshh.com , you can have option to return item (stated with each product whether it is returnable or not). However return is chargeable a bit for most of the items. (because shipping and third party charges are involved)

Customer Support

Just Email Or Call

If you have any questions or doubts ,just email us or call us (you can send message with 'contact us' link in footer). We will be delighted to solve your queries instantly.